The Abhayam dialysis centre is set up at Eruthumkadavu NA Compound in Chenkala Grama Panchayat, about 5 km from Kasaragod city. The building, which is being built in a 5000 sq.ft area, can accommodate 20 patients a day. In addition to this, the centre is also available for Out-Patient consultation with a laboratory, pharmacy and casualty services. The centre also includes an administrative office and a meeting hall. It will be operational in April 2021.

The Dialysis Center of Abhayam, in collaboration with the U Abbas Foundation is planning to operate at Kunjathoor - Manjeswaram. This is the area which currently has over 200 patients but has no facilities for diagnosis. The facility which is about to operate will accommodate 20 patients a day.

The mobile lab was designed with the aim of identifying the potential of disease at an early stage and preventing it before the kidneys are completely damaged. The mobile vehicle with an experienced team will be inspecting the patients in every area with the cooperation of resident associations and NGOs with a fully modern system for urine testing. This facility service will also be provided for those who need doctor consultation with a lab setup which can carry out the check-up for 500 people per day.