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Abhayam is making its mark in areas such as Free Dialysis, Palliative Care, and housing for the homeless.

600+ Dialysis/month

10,000+ Flood Victims Support

2 Dialysis Centre

Why Abhayam

In the light of the Covid 19 outbreak, Kasargod, the northernmost district in Kerala was the first place in India to be declared as a ‘Hotspot’ area by the media. It is the same place where we lost more than 20 lives to the deadly virus due to the lack of ample medical assistance and cooperation from the neighboring districts. It is not the lack of empathy that made the neighbors close theirs borders on Kasargod but it’s their fear of the virus outspread due to the poor health and medical conditions of the district. ‘Abhayam’ was born out of this very thought years back to bring awareness and help improve this situation by building a healthy environment for a better tomorrow.



Register now for Abhayam Puthujeevanam free kidney transplantation project 2022. For more information, contact +91 97464 44744

Our Projects

Dialysis Center Cum Health Complex

Abhayam Charitable Trust intends to construct a Dialysis Center at Vidyanagar .....

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Abhayam Free Dialysis Center

The first free Dialysis Center in Kasargod was started to be operational in November 2018 with collaboration ....

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Refuge Compound, Coorg

Abhayam's Housing Scheme is a shelter for rehabilitated families living in plastic huts located ...

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Upcoming Projects

There are different upcoming projects which include multiple Dialysis Centers and Mobile labs ...

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