The first free Dialysis Center in Kasargod was started to be operational in November 2018 with collaboration with Malik Deenar Hospital. The idea of ​​'Abhayam' itself was sparked by the fact that in today's world individuals with Kidney related issues are getting more and more eventually leading people into a great crisis.

In this era, the Hospitals charge a minimum of Rs 1000 per dialysis. Under the constant monitoring carried out by Abhayam, it is indeed a privilege to be able to carry out 3 dialysis per week which counts to a total of 13 dialyses per month. This service provided by Abhayam is indeed a great relief to many of the patients in and around us. Apart from this, a monthly checkup is also provided to the patients based on their health condition.

Abhayam had started this mission 2 and half years ago by renting 2 dialysis machine. Initially, during the treatment there were 7 patients. Today with 12 dialysis machines we are able to provide free dialysis treatment to over 60 patients. Taking the per day count, we can reach out to 24 dialysis patients on a daily basis.

Abhayam's Housing Scheme is a shelter for rehabilitated families living in plastic huts located upon the Government land at Cheriyambarambil in Kodagu district of Karnataka. It is a mission wherein the families living in these huts are being provided with newly built homes. Abhayam has purchased 24 cents of land wherein 11 houses have been built and handed over to families. In addition to this, 4 houses have been built for those who have their own land.